Taurus - reflections on another future, the first of twelve:


Wherever life appears and at whichever point in the implacable continuum of the universe, it marks the beginning of something that embodies our inheritance.

Each one of us has a Zodiac sign. These signs unite us, whatever our beliefs or prejudices.

We were all born one day...

This is a universal, multicultural and multi-social truth and a potentially federating factor in a world without origins and without end, where only transformation exists.


Why begin with Taurus? The symbol is strong. Our civilisations are going through rough times: compasses go haywire; Earth loses earth; references disappear.

It was from this social chaos, this human labyrinth, that the minotaur emerged. It realised its difference and turned that into strength. It accepted its half-human, half-animal nature and that symbiosis fired its will to break down walls. From then on it mutated again and again, learning from its experiences, inventing a new way to cohabit.

Naturally, Female Taurus is going to appear with her superior energy and irrigate humanity, now open to evolution.


Ever-enlarging circles go from the pubis to the head, evoking the Shakras or the foundations of intelligent life: the principle of reproduction, vital needs, love, communication and, finally, thought.

Grooves on the body run from the head down along the arms, the back, the legs, then across the hands and feet, intertwining, channelling the fluid towards the globe beneath.

Stainless steel drains connect it to the world, forming spirals at mobile intersections that give increasing resonance to the beneficial effects of her compassion.

The stainless steel globe sends us back a distorted, different image of ourselves. It underlines the fact that our vision of the world is subjective, that it is coloured by our story, by what we have retained of that story and what we do, consciously or unconsciously, with it. Other people look deformed to us in the globe, too. And in spite of our differences in size, in social status, in skin colour, in opinion... all our images fit in this globe. We are summarised by a reflection, which is ultimately quite homogeneous from one individual to another.

Our interpretation - and only our interpretation - of these reflections guides our thoughts and acts as we interact with the world. With all the margin of error that incurs...

All of us are stamped by one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac; all of us are so alike and yet so different and this quality is humanity's strength.

I thought it was good for me to remember that.

And that is why this project came to be.

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